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Best Overall: PetsUp Electric Rechargeable Pet Grooming Shears

This cordless trimmer from PetsUp comes with titanium ceramic blades. With a charging time of just 4 hour and a usage time of 1 hour, the cordless feature is very convenient. It also has a low noise output making sure that your pet is not disturbed too much

Best Budget: Aysis Professional Pet Hair Trimmer

This pet trimmer from Aysis is a great budget option. It can be used both in cordless and corded modes. The cutter head is removable and washable for easy maintenance and the cutting works without pulling and causing pain to your pet.

Best for Matted Fur: Wahl CDM Cordless Pet Clipper

Wahl are international experts when it comes to hair clippers for pets and humans. This CDM trimmer from Wahl has a massive run time of 210 minutes. The four different comb attachments will make it easy to work through matted fur as well

Best Cordless: Wahl Pet Rechargeable Trimmer

This cordless rechargeable trimmer from Wahl is recommended for use on small and medium sized dogs. It comes with a 2 year Wahl warranty and can be used both in a corded and cordless mode

Best Splurge: Foodie Puppies Professional Dog/Cat Clipper

This trimmer from Foodie Puppies is one of the most advanced available on the market. It has a digital display on its base showing you the current speed and battery life remaining. The low noise motor makes the entire experience more pleasant for you and your pet.

Best Accessory: PetVogue Pet Grooming Scissor Kit

To get a great haircut for your dog, having good accessories along with the trimmer will make the job significantly easier. This set of scissors and combs from PetVogue will serve as a handy accessory

Best Overall – PetsUp Electric Rechargeable Pet Grooming Shears

This cordless and rechargeable trimmer from PetsUp is the highest rating pet trimmer for good reasons. It provides very good value for money for the features that it has. In cordless mode, its battery lasts for an hour ensuring that you can get the full haircut for your dog done with no worries. There are four different level limiting combs provided to ensure that the cut is even. The cutting blade itself can be adjusted to provide further customization in the cut length. Despite having a powerful motor with an output of 35 Watts, the total sound produced by this PetsUp trimmer is just 50 decibels which means that it will not scare your dog.

Best Budget – Aysis Professional Pet Hair Trimmer

The Aysis professional pet trimmer provides good features at a very low price and is a great choice for the best budget dog hair trimmer in India. Along with the trimmer, you also get a nail trimmer as an additional inclusion in the package. Coming to the trimmer, it can be used in both corded and cordless modes. The trimmer has a knob for adjusting the blade length which gives you fine control over it. There are four guide combs provided. For a charging period of 5 hours, the trimmer can be used for 60-70 minutes.

Best for Matted Fur – Wahl CDM Cordless Pet Clipper

Wahl are one of the world leaders when it comes to trimming products. If you have a pet whose fur is dense and matted I would trust the Wahl CDM Cordless clipper to get the job done. This is a stylish and powerful product. It has a massive cordless run time of 210 minutes and is powered by a Lithium Ion battery. There are 4 length combs provided with the trimmer. In addition, the kit also contains a blade cleaning brush and blade oil which can be used to maintain the blades. The trimmer also has a LED light in its base which lights up when the battery is low. While more expensive than other brands, Wahl provides undeniable quality.

Best Cordless – Wahl Pet Rechargeable Trimmer

Wahl recommends that this dog clipper be used on small and medium dogs. It is a lightweight and easy to use product. The trimmer itself is ergonomically designed to reduce the effort required for performing the trimming. The kit from Wahl comes with a lot of goodies. Included are 8 different guide combs, a cleaning brush, blade oil and a pair of scissors. This should be quite sufficient for grooming your pet at home. The run time of this trimmer is around 40 minutes on a full charge. The blades can be removed and rinsed for a thorough cleaning.

Best Splurge – Foodie Puppies Professional Dog/Cat Clipper

This trimmer from Foodie Puppies while more expensive than any other on our list of the best dog hair trimmers in India, provides enough features to be worth its high price. A full charge of the trimmer is done in only 2 hours and it can run for 150 minutes on a single charge. This is due to the high capacity Lithium Ion battery. There is a digital display on the base of the trimmer which gives you precise information on the battery time remaining. The trimmer itself is ergonomically designed and easy to use. There are two double sided guide combs provided along with a bottle of blade oil in the kit. Blade adjustment can be done with a knob provided on the trimmer right above the main power button. Overall, this is a great product to splurge on for your dogs grooming.

Best Accessory – PetVogue Pet Grooming Scissor Kit

While grooming you will realise that having good accessories for the job will make the overall result much better for you and your pet. This pet grooming scissor kit from Pet Vogue is a great addition to go along with a good dog hair trimmer. The package has two sets of shears for straight cutting and thinning. Also provided is a stainless steel comb that has both wide and close teeth. The scissors and comb are provided in an attractive black case which has slots for all three implements. Having this kit will make the overall grooming quality and finish for your pet dog much better for sure. s

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